Decorative Ropework

A traditional narrow boat will have a number of decorative pieces around the tiller or ellum in soft cotton rope, turk's heads, horse tails, bell ropes. Whilst decorative these pieces often had the more functional purpose of stopping water running down into wooden sockets where it would cause rot.


Ocean Plait Doormat

A traditional woven doormat in manilla. Manilla is a natural fibre rope that will darken with age. From £30.00
bell rope.thumb

Bell Ropes

The one illustrated is a particularly fine and complicated piece made as a one off at a price that will make you sit down sharply. Luckily we also make simple pieces starting at £25. As a craftsman with a in-depth knowledge of waterways tradition, speak to me about all the decorative ropework that you need to finish off your butty or motor boat.
turks head.thumb

Turk’s Head

A Turk’s head in 6mm cotton or manilla, supplied on a cardboard tube so that you can easily slide it on to your tiller or broom handle. From £7.50

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